Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here is the soup I sent Debra.  I forgot to take a shot of the extras I sent, other than in the bag.  They aren't important for the blog party, so that's OK.  There were more Extras than Soup ingredients!  I didn't mean to confuse you, Debra.  Sorry!

I received the bead soup ingredients from my talented and encouraging partner Debra Gibson.  She made the focal, the clasp, and the three clay beads below the focal.  I have no idea how to best honor the lady and Debra; let the fun begin!

BTW, happy spring!  I don't remember When spring was so eagerly anticipated.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anticipation!  I've sent off my partner's bead soup, after (I won't admit to myself how much time spent) trying to come up with the right ingredients, on the very last day allowed.  Typical me, wait until the last minute.  Also typical, agonize over every little bit.  Overthink, that should be my middle name.  It was funny. I came up with three potential soups per Lori's wise instructions. Then when my partner, the talented Debra Gibson, and I made contact, I realized away that sending her yellow or orange, or clay, items would Not be a good idea.  So there went the three soups.  Good news?  I now have some new ideas for how to use those ingredients!  Also good news:  this challenge is going to be great!  From the very first contact, Debra has been very positive, generous, and encouraging.  I couldn't ask for a better partner!

The soup had to include a unique clasp, and since I changed the soup ingredients several times I ended up having to make the clasp myself; no time to purchase from someone else.  I'm sorry Debra!  I generally don't make clasps; I find them boring and not worth my time considering how little of it (time) I have.  As a consequence, my clasps aren't professional looking. Partly to make up for my clasp, which poor Debra is required to use (at least long enough to get a picture on her blog, then she can dump it), and partly because she's such a cool person, I sent a bag of other items with the bead soup.  Debra and I like the same kinds of things (except I like yellow and orange, and don't have the skill to make clay components Yet), so I sent her some things I hope she can use.  They aren't part of the soup; but are mainly vintage pieces to use however she likes (if she likes.)  Debra sent me some extra goodies too, just 'cuz she's generous.  She did post a picture on her blog of the cute box my soup is coming in.  Eek.  Mine were sent in a reused box.  I can't show the bead soup yet, but here's a shot of the jam packed bag of extras.  More on the challenge later.

I'm more than half way through the Deryn Mentock's online class, and its been more of a challenge than I expected.  There's occurred a result from it that I'm not particularly happy about.  It seems now that I'm learning design concepts rather than flying by the seat of my pants (wonder where That phrase came from), I'm seeing the need to rework some of my other pieces, including ones in my personal collection.  And to make matters worse, although the first piece I posted on the class photo page got a perfect score, pieces I've made for the class and posted each week since then haven't scored as highly.  I'm a little discouraged.  All critique is sought, and is certainly given with great kindness and consideration.  Its difficult to come up with a new piece each week, but that's not the issue.  One of my two goals for the class was to work faster.  Apparently I'm not quite getting the lessons. AARGGHHH.  Its hard to see pieces I thought I was done with back on the operating table, too.  Its good to be learning; I just forgot that sometimes lessons are painful, so to speak.

Its Way too late for me to blather any longer, 1:32 AM and I'm not a late night person.  IF I go to work tomorrow (recovering from the flu) I'm going to be a wreak.

Gotta go.  Have  a great week!